Quick Fixes

We're happy to take a look at your WordPress site to see if there are any problems - we can usually fix most WordPress issues quite quickly and without any hassle.

Get your WordPress site fixed quickly.

Already have a WordPress website and need a bit of support. We’re here to help. Whether your website is not working as it should or is throwing out errors and impacting on the user experience we can sort it for you.

We can work on a site at a time that suits you to have as little impact on your business as possible. We will assess your site and find what is causing the problems providing you with quick solutions at an affordable price.

We’re just a click away if you have any questions or queries. If you have any new ideas you have for the site get in touch and we can discuss solutions with you. 
WordPress Quick Fixes

Get Your WordPress Website Fixed Today

We can help with any of the following issues & more, with the standard price for WordPress fixes starting from just £45.

The Little Things

Would you like to make a few changes to your website? If you feel you need help updating text, images, layouts, or if you would like to add a new page, you can contact me. Keeping your website updated is a great way to save time.

Fix your website

Is there a problem with your website? If you have encountered any problems with your website, such as plugin conflicts, internal server errors, or broken themes, our technical support team is available to resolve these problems for you.

Moving a website

Does your website need to be transferred to a new server? Even when you're changing domain names, migrating your website can be a challenge. No need to worry, we'll ensure that your site continues to run successfully in its new location.

Speed Optimisation

Is your website loading slowly? Would you like it to be faster? Google will also improve your rankings if your website is fast. To bring your site up as quickly as possible, we'll refund your money if we're unable to improve the performance.

Malware Removal

Has your website been hacked? Your company might have noticed spammy links, a sudden drop in traffic, or irregular servers or maybe a customer sent you an angry email. Your site will immediately be cleaned of malware and secured.

Redesign your website

Would it be a good idea to revamp your website? We can help you design and build an optimized WordPress website with Ridge Digital. We are ready to talk with you to determine how we can improve your online presence.
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