August 7, 2021

How To Make Your Website More Usable: Essential Tips for Making a Site Clear and Easy to Use

Nowadays, websites are much more than just text and information on a page. Your website should offer an enjoyable experience, deliver quality content and provide an intuitive, convenient user experience. How long your visitors stay on your site has a lot to do with the aesthetics of your website and where your CTAs are placed. Your website can be easily made more user-friendly thanks to a few easy steps.


Design your website to make it look good

It might seem like a boring step, but it is essential that your website design is appealing to your potential customers. It should be simple to understand and provide what they are looking for. The front-end design of your website is equally as important as the back-end design of your website. Your layout is what most of your visitors will be looking at. For example, your site should be laid out in a clean and easy to navigate way. Your logo and colours should not be confusing. Lastly, it should be easy to access your information and product offering. If you use paid services like Hubspot or WordPress, then you can achieve all of this easily. All of the basic design features for your website are already built in.

Keep the design simple

To start, it is important to keep the design of your website simple and use small fonts and long lines, which make it easy to read and navigate. Also, to attract attention, add some color to your website and a photo or two. Provide information If you want your website to be more user-friendly, you need to give the visitors the information they need. You can start by showing them the options they have and where they can navigate in your website. Give them links that will guide them in the right direction if they have any questions about your company or product. If they are looking for something specific, they will be able to find it within the site. You can also include a contact form so your visitors can get in touch with you.

Place CTAs prominently

The most important task for any website is to direct visitors to the primary actionable page of the website. This may be the home page, contact us page or a blog post. Make sure all of your primary CTAs are placed in the most noticeable spots on your website. Remember that visitors don’t get time to spend researching your company before they decide to make a purchase. Add images to provide more information Great websites often incorporate images and graphics to enhance the overall user experience. To that end, you should add more images and visual guides to your website. When users can scan your website to see what information is needed the most, they are more likely to come back.

Use a focus on white space

White space is defined as that which is vacant or has been left clear for content and navigation. Making your website more user-friendly by reducing the amount of space taken by large blocks of text and redundant navigation will make it easier for your users to navigate. Don't overwhelm your website with too much information Google even warns you to avoid information overload, as it may lead users to quickly click away. White space on your website is an easy way to help your visitors read more information about a subject. Simplicity is the key when designing a website, but it does not have to be complex. Simple backgrounds, content blocks, and website navigation are all examples of simple white space on a website.

Experiment with colour and fonts

You are probably familiar with various types of fonts that are found on websites and eBooks. However, the fonts you use for the text and headlines are often far more important than the font for body copy. Colours will vary depending on the type of content you have on your site and what keywords you are using. Try to find fonts that are popular for your industry, but also use fonts that fit well together. Using a mix of fonts will bring out the personality and personality of your website, which is important. Use light colours for images or your headlines. You might want to try out putting heavier colours in your body copy and backgrounds to make your site appear more polished. Don’t cram too much text on one page Larger text tends to make your site appear larger and less interactive.

Break up long articles with subheadings, bullet points, and visuals

People use a lot of cognitive resources to interpret content and make decisions. Therefore, if you have a large article and break it up into smaller, digestible chunks, it will be easier to read. Another way to break up long content is to use bulleted lists. While formatting can be challenging for some websites, if you split up your article into sub-headings and organize it visually, it will be more readable. Structure the website in a logical order Navigation isn’t the only thing that makes a website user-friendly. Your website should be structured in a logical order. It’s easier for your visitors to go through the navigation of your website once they’ve found what they’re looking for. But in most cases, if the navigation is hard to find, they’re more likely to get lost and give up.

Add images that are relevant to your content

Images help break up content and help visitors navigate through your site. Images are an easy way to build an appealing website with quality content. But if you include them incorrectly, they can make your site less user-friendly and less appealing to visitors. To ensure you always keep images relevant to your content, always use the IMG tag when embedding images. To make sure your images are still as relevant as possible, make sure your images have alt tags such as @2x if they're going to be displayed at a larger size. Keep paragraphs and headings short Too much text can be confusing to visitors. Keep headings and paragraphs short. Many people are visual learners and it's easier to comprehend information through images and visuals, than through paragraphs.

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